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Each year leading up to Harvest farmers scramble to make sure everything is ready.

Trucks are sweet to go, the combine is in perfect condition, extra parts are stocked in the shed, and the new farmhand has a good idea of what’s to come.

Often forgotten is the Chaser Bin, a major component of having an efficient harvest season, and for that, we are here to help.

We have put together a quick check-list that you should definitely read and consider going into Harvest 2017.

  1. Check your tyre pressure. It seems simple, and it is. Find out now if you need to pump those bad boys up before getting it into the paddock.
  2. Check your auger flighting to ensure it hasn’t worn thin. If it has it’s time to organise a replacement. Thin auger flighting can slow down your discharge rate, which is ultimately going to slow down your entire operation.
  3. Check your bearings ensuring they are greased, and that there is no obvious wear.
  4. Check your sprockets for wear.
  5. Ensure that your chain is tensioned. (Tensioning the chain regularly not only enhances the safety of the operator but also reduces the amount of chain wear and damage.)
  6. Have a once over with your roll tarp, ensuring there are no holes or rips.
  7. Check the clutch on your PTO shaft.
  8. Grease your uni-joints.
  9. Make sure your light kit is operational.
  10. Ensure ample water is in your firefighting unit.
  11. General once over for any obvious cracking or fatigue.

Some of these may seem simple, and they are, but it’s often the small things that can leave you feeling behind during a hectic harvest.

So take a minute and check your Chaser Bin – you’ll thank yourself later.