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We are proud of where we came from. The Australian farmland means a lot to us, and we are passionate about giving back to the land which has given so much to us. Our passion for helping Aussie farmers drives everything we do.


As leaders in farm machinery, we are continuously striving to create better machines that will allow farmers to be more efficient and achieve better results. Our most recent innovation, the Nyrex Chaser Bin, was a finalist at the prestigious Swedish Steel Prize 2018. We hope to continue bringing you the best products on the market.


GrainKing aspires to be awarded at local trade shows, expos, and for community involvement.


Best New Release

We were awarded the best new machinery attachment at the Dowerin Field Days 2018, overcoming some of the best of the best.


Swedish Steel Prize

Awarded 2nd place in the prestigious Swedish Steel Prize for the innovative use of Strenx Steel and modular design of our Nyrex Chaser Bin.


Best Large Stand

Construction and Mining Expo awarded us with their award for Best Large Stand during the 2014 trade show.


In Appreciation

Apprenticeship Support Australia recognised GrainKing for their ongoing commitment and contribution to investing in apprenticeships and traineeships.


Grainking is committed to bringing our products to wherever there is a need. We are partnered with dealers across Australia to try and reach as many Aussie farmers as possible. To find a dealer near you, check out our Dealer Finder page.


GrainKing Chaser Bin Dealers - Burando Hill


Grainking Chaser Bin Dealer - MCINTOSH AND SONS


We aim to bring you the best chaser bins and customer service out there, to help you take your first steps towards a better tomorrow. Take a look at what our customers are saying about us.

I bought the NYREX Chaser Bin for a few reasons. The value for money was undeniable, but also the value we gained in efficiency was dramatically better than previous years. The quick unloading capacity reduced the turnaround time between header and field bins, along with its unique suspension system meaning a better ride on different terrains, meaning less wear on the tractor and reduced fatigue for the operator.
Tim J.
We’ve had Trufab chasers since the early 2000s and they’ve always been reliable. We upgraded to the new 22-tonne capacity Nyrex bin because it has a few more features than our existing model, including a 22 inch (55 centimetre) diameter unloading auger. It’s heaps faster than our old model which discharged 10-12 tonnes a minute. This model unloads between 15 and 17 tonnes a minute making it a little easier to keep up to the header.
Graham R.
In the past we have used a 30T Grain King Chaser Bin, our new Nyrex Chaser Bin unloads much quicker, making it totally worth it. It was also much easier for the headers
Harry F.
The camera on the unloading auger awesome for loading trucks and the ride of the chaser while full is great! Smooth as and the size of unloading auger is great.
Ash W.
We have two 30T GrainKing Seed & Super Bins. They hold enough seed and super for 12 hours and now it takes only 5 minutes to fill our 2320 instead of 30 minutes as with our old system, which then allows us to seed an extra 15 hectares a shift.
Neil R,
The Dual Purpose Bin increased our efficiency by dramatically reducing the fill time of the air seeder, Instead of 40 - 45 minutes as with the old system. a full fill took 8 minutes, less downtime is crucial for us. Looking forward to using the bin during harvest, the 18-inch auger will come in handy.
Ross A.