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Preparing for Dowerin Field Days

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After a dry start to the year, with a satisfying turn in the weather in the last couple of weeks we are starting to prepare ourselves for two of the biggest days in Wheatbelt; Dowerin Field Days.

Each year we try to come up with something different to have on our site, each year we keep everything the same. This year, our site will remain in the same spot, facing the same way, with the team greeting you outside the same container.

However, this year there is something much more exciting on our site. Something you definitely won’t want to miss.

NYREX- the new king, the evolution from Grain King’s previously engineered Chaser Bins.

The Nyrex Chaser Bin range will feature technology not yet seen on Grain Handling Machinery in Australia, starting with the frame of the Chaser Bin.

To make our product lighter, we knew we needed stronger steel. Strenx high strength structural steel is our solution to that. Nyrex will be made with Strenx, a high tensile light weight steel out of Sweden.

Strenx once attained in Western Australia will be processed and cut using a CNC method, ensuring that every panel has been accurately laser cut and processed. With the Nyrex range of Chaser Bins being made completely out of Strenx, the bin will be approx. 700 kg’s lighter than that of the former Grain King product range.

The weight reduction of this chaser bin will be of a huge advantage to farmers worldwide as it means much less ground disturbance, as well as much less fuel.

Holding our Strenx panels together are military grade fasteners; Huck BOM (blind oversized mechanical.) The Huck Bom’s have been specifically chosen for this product due to their strength, the clamping and ceasing movement, and vibration resistant features.

The combination of both Strenx panels, and HuckBOM’s make Nyrex a modular bin that can be easily repaired, as well as easily attainable around the world.

Although there are many other features, Trufab Global stays resilient to maintain their market reputation for safety, and the Nyrex product range will be no different, with each chaser bin coming standard with built in brakes.

The Nyrex chaser bin will come with the option of flotation tyres and tracks, with the tracks also having a braked feature. Internal full sweep auger covers and walkways for safety will also contribute to making Nyrex Chaser Bins the safest on the market.

As per farmer feedback, the auger will be standardised at 22 inches, and will feature a reach adjustable poly chute, to ensure a more efficient outfeed.

Importantly, Trufab Global has changed the measurements, so the Nyrex Chaser Bin range will be measured in liters, rather than tonnes. This adjustment will complement other on-farm machinery such as headers and air carts.

This year at Dowerin Field Days we may not change how our site looks or where it sits, but we are changing how we can help you better.

With innovation and technology, we are proud to be presenting Nyrex at site 133/134 so be sure to stop by.


Machinery Icons Team Together

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Aussie machinery icons team up for quality, affordable chaser bins.

THE need for a quality, Australian-made chaser bin at a realistic price for producers has been the driver behind a partnership between WA-based agricultural machinery dealer, McIntosh & Son, and manufacturer, Trufab, that has delivered the new ‘TRUCHASER’ for the 2017 harvest.

Exclusive to McIntosh & Son, available through all of its branches and set to be distributed Australia-wide, the TRUCHASER provides a cost-effective solution for grain handling that is simple, easy to operate, efficient and builds on Trufab’s manufacturing reliability dating back to 1982.

Based on Trufab’s recent Grain King models, the TRUCHASER chaser bins are available in 18, 25 and 30-tonne options with either single axle or tandem steerable axles, the latter of which also feature leaf suspension.

The single axle units have a total width under 3.5 metres, preventing any requirement for road escorts, while the tandem axle units have 3m wheel centres, making them ideal for controlled traffic operations.
The TRUCHASER chaser bins incorporate an 18-inch diameter discharge auger for a 10t per minute discharge time.
Other features include:
• True tonnage per hectolitre of wheat.
• Full length floor doors for quick and easy bin clean-out.
• Heavy duty roll tarp.
• High right-hand side.
• 12-month warranty.
Anthony Ryan, Dealer Principal for McIntosh & Son’s Wongan Hills, Moora and Merredin branches, said the 3m centres and steerable axles with suspension on the tandem chaser bins was a particularly strong feature.
“That’s pretty good to have on tandem units. It’s a high-spec undercarriage for an affordable price,’’ Anthony said. Prices for the McIntosh & Son TRUCHASER chaser bins start at $63,800 (including GST). Anthony said the chaser bins had only just arrived at dealerships, but had already attracted some early interest.
They will also be on display at the upcoming Mingenew, Dowerin and Newdegate field days in WA.For further information on the McIntosh & Son TRUCHASER chaser bins, producers can contact their local dealership.
Media information: Anthony Ryan, McIntosh & Son, on 0427 206 000
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45th Anniversary Seed and Super Bin

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To celebrate their 45th anniversary, Grain King presents a limited edition 35t Seed and Super Bin manufactured by Trufab Global.

The limited edition bin will stand out in your paddock with its custom charcoal grey colour, braked steerable tandem axle, and extended augers.

Other features in this limited release series include pre-installed cameras, and the opportunity to upgrade to an all hydraulic option at no extra cost, which normally retails in excess of $6000.

We have worked tirelessly with our suppliers to bring this limited edition bin to farmers across Australia at the lowest possible price.

The Grain King range of Seed and Super Bins are the ultimate seeding solution for a fast fill time and zero contamination. These bins are the result of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency and innovation.

The 35t Seed and Super Bin is designed with two equal sized bins and extended dual augers capable of unloading up to 7 ton per minute.

The bin features Grain King’s hallmark steerable tandem axle, truly in a league of its own with hydraulic brakes for safe and reliable operating, and leaf spring suspension, proven to reduce compaction and soil disturbance.

All bins are equipped as standard with a hand held wireless remote for the hydraulic sweep augers, the all hydraulic option can be fully controlled by remote.

This limited release is a testament to Grain King’s dedication to provide quality paddock solutions that drive efficiency in agriculture.


Pre-Harvest Chaser Bin Maintenance Checklist

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Each year leading up to Harvest farmers scramble to make sure everything is ready.

Trucks are sweet to go, the combine is in perfect condition, extra parts are stocked in the shed, and the new farmhand has a good idea of what’s to come.

Often forgotten is the Chaser Bin, a major component of having an efficient harvest season, and for that, we are here to help.

We have put together a quick check-list that you should definitely read and consider going into Harvest 2017.

  1. Check your tyre pressure. It seems simple, and it is. Find out now if you need to pump those bad boys up before getting it into the paddock.
  2. Check your auger flighting to ensure it hasn’t worn thin. If it has it’s time to organise a replacement. Thin auger flighting can slow down your discharge rate, which is ultimately going to slow down your entire operation.
  3. Check your bearings ensuring they are greased, and that there is no obvious wear.
  4. Check your sprockets for wear.
  5. Ensure that your chain is tensioned. (Tensioning the chain regularly not only enhances the safety of the operator but also reduces the amount of chain wear and damage.)
  6. Have a once over with your roll tarp, ensuring there are no holes or rips.
  7. Check the clutch on your PTO shaft.
  8. Grease your uni-joints.
  9. Make sure your light kit is operational.
  10. Ensure ample water is in your firefighting unit.
  11. General once over for any obvious cracking or fatigue.

Some of these may seem simple, and they are, but it’s often the small things that can leave you feeling behind during a hectic harvest.

So take a minute and check your Chaser Bin – you’ll thank yourself later.



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Recently, the largest NYREX Chaser Bin made by Trufab Global to date was dispatched from our yard. It was 62,000 litres, including the entire range of standard features the NYREX offers, sitting on the Sly Intelligent Multi- Use Track System supplied by Sly Agri.

Earlier this season Mingenew Farmer Sam Ward trialled the 56,000 litre tridem axle NYREX Chaser Bin. Mr. Ward’s farm could be described as being in the middle of sand plain country, and this factored in with the farm implementing a mouldboard plowing plan creates extreme softness on his property. Mr. Ward reported that the wheels on the tridem axle punched into the sandy ground, leaving wheel ruts up to 300ml deep, the results of this lead Mr. Ward to purchase a track system with his NYREX.

Since receiving his NYREX Chaser Bin fitted with Tracks Mr. Ward stated he has noticed a massive difference, noting that the pivot points allow the tracks to walk easily along his paddock, so much so he claims he can hardly feel the bin behind him.

If you have been following Trufab Global for the last year, you would know that we have trialled three types of tracks until we found the set that we considered the most suitable for our customers.

The Sly Intelligent Multi- Use Track System (IMTS) was developed for the use in trailed applications, enabling a contouring movement using simple hydraulics to tension the tracks while pivoting joints work to reduce shock loading’s to the frames, and Chaser Bin.

The Sly IMTS has been designed to contour along the ground, similar to that of a caterpillar. This contouring movement restricts any bouncing movement or leaning when taking corners. Unlike other track systems that do the same, the Sly IMTS system can move into deep cavities and over large ground disturbances ensuring the drivers comfort, and the bins longevity.

As per all NYREX Chaser Bins, ones fitted with tracks will still feature brakes as the Sly IMTS has drum brakes located in the back wheel, which is simply powered through the tractor and activated via hydraulics, ensuring your safety as a priority.

The Sly IMTS is available on the entire NYREX Chaser Bin range. Please contact us, or your local dealer for more information.

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