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Work Safe

Safety is the responsibility of the operator, please be sure to know how to operate and service your NYREX Chaser Bin, all appropriate information should be easily accessible in this instruction manual or by calling the GrainKing head office. Carrying out repairs and maintenance or general cleaning of the bin can be considered dangerous.

Worksafe suggests a 4-step program for ensuring everyone working on your farm is staying compliant to safety measures. Please read through the 4 steps and consider introducing them into your practice.


1. Spot Hazards

Hazards in the workplace are things that could cause harm, injury or ill health to a person. There are many ways to spot hazards in your workplace. You may want to walk around your workplace to identify them and ask your workers’ opinion. With their experience, they may have noticed things that are not immediately obvious to you.


Worksafe has created many lists which are a great way to start. You can find the Agricultural Safety and Health checklist by searching the following URL: Proper documentation is crucial in this step. Record your activity by using the Hazard Identification Form which can be found at


2. Assess Risks

Once you have identified the hazards, the risk needs to be assessed. This includes determining who will be affected and how.

• How severe is the harm likely to be? (extreme, high, moderate, and low)

• How likely is it to happen? (very likely, likely, moderate, unlikely and rare) Remember that your duty of care is extended to anyone at your workplace, even though they do not work for you or with you. People who could be harmed include employees, contractors, customers, visitors or members of the public.


3. Manage Risks

Once the hazards have been identified and their associated risks assessed, the next step is to consider:

• If the hazards can be removed altogether, and if not

• How the risks can be controlled so as to minimise harm

The strategy recommending how to control risks in the order of effectiveness is called the hierarchy of control. Removing the hazards altogether is the most favourable way to deal with risks. If you cannot eliminate the hazards, a combination of the control measures may be necessary to effectively manage the risks. Where the residual hazards cannot be managed by the above measures providing appropriate personal protective equipment will be the last preference.


4. Monitor and Review

You should allocate regular times to review how well your safety action plan is working and update it when necessary. In addition, when there is new equipment (such as your NYREX Chaser Bin) or procedures, the risk assessment may need to be revised if something new introduces new risks.10 At this stage, hazard reporting procedure should be reinforced. You should encourage all their workers to report any hazards that have not been picked up during a normal working day. The team at GrainKing encourage you to look further into Safety Practices outlined on the commerce. website. All information above has been repeated from the 4-step program provided by Worksafe WA.



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