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Standard Features

22” Discharge Auger

The 22” Discharge Auger will discharge product at up to 16-19 tonnes per minute.


Left or Right-Hand Discharge

Upon purchase you would have had the option for a left or right-hand discharge auger, allowing the operator to get the Discharge Auger on the side they prefer.


Wheel Centres

2.75/3m wheel centres is for those operating controlled traffic. Some tyres are 850/50- 30.5- these wheel centres are 3.1m. This is the distance between the centre of the left and right wheel and is available on all NYREX products.


Light Kit

The Light Kit includes a work light on the end of the discharge auger making it user friendly at night time, as well as 2x tail lights at the rear of the bin for safety purposes.


Camera Kit

The Camera Kit includes 1 camera mounted on the end of the Auger and s second camera which can be mounted wherever best suits the operator. The Auger Camera allows the operator to see where they are discharging the grain to minimise spillage.


Electric Actuating Spout

The Electric Actuating Spout is a Poly Spout mounted on the end of the Discharge Auger. The Electric Actuating Spout helps control where you discharge the grain while also minimising spillages.


Full Length Clean Out Doors

The Full-Length Cleanout Doors are operated by a single action lever at the rear of the bin. This makes cleaning out the bin of excess product much simpler, and safer.


Adjustable Auger Covers

The Adjustable Auger Covers are located directly above the Floor Auger. As this is adjustable it allows the operator to control the discharge rate. By closing the covers, it will slow the flow down, and by opening the covers it will speed the flow up. It is advised to have the covers in the CLOSED position whilst loading the bin. Some tractors may not be able to fully open the covers depending on the oil flow of the tractor.


Floating Draw Bar

The Floating Draw Bar ensures the Chaser Bin ride is smoother and more comfortable for the operator. This is achieved by manufacturing 2x Polyurethane buffers which sit between the Draw Bar and the Chassis of the Chaser Bin which acts as a cushion.



The Brakes which come standard on your NYREX Chaser Bin consist of Hydraulic Drums which sit in the hubs of each wheel. They are powered hydraulically and can be connected into the Brake Kit which is mounted on the rear of the tractor. Speak to your local dealer if your tractor does not come included with a Brake Kit.


Hydraulic Jack

The Hydraulic Jack is mounted near the front of the Draw Bar and is there for when you are connecting and disconnecting the bin from the Tractor. The Jack includes a tap which is mounted on the Ram, which must be in the closed position when not being operated. If this is not completed, the Jack could potentially fall or result in failure when the operator is not expecting it, causing serious injury or death.


Internal Walkways above Floor Auger

The Internal Walkways are mounted above the Discharge Auger Cover, and act as a safety precaution to help the operator move through his bin whilst cleaning it out. The Internal Walkways can also be used to stop large objects travelling through the Auger when in operation.


Access Ladder (in floor of NYREX Chaser Bin)

The access ladder is mounted in a couple of spots, pending the model of your NYREX Chaser Bin. The ladder can either be found behind the Tyre located on the left-hand side of the NYREX Chaser Bin or in front of the tyre on the left-hand size. The ladder must be stowed in the closed position while in operation. The purpose of this ladder is for safe access into and out of the bin when the machine is no in operation.

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