When you want the best, choose the king of grain for handling solutions!

Every Nyrex® Field Bin has:

  • 5 Year structural limited warranty
  • Hydraulic Brakes to ensure the safety of the operator is always the first priority.
  • Flotation Tyres, helping you to transport across boggy paddocks, while reducing compaction.
  • Flow Adjustable Grain Doors which allows the operator to control speed of grain flow.
  • Light Kit for enhanced vision at night.
  • Camera Kit for easy viewing into the Maximus Bin.
  • Adjustable Poly Spout to ensure you are putting the grain exactly where you want it.
  • Height Adjustable Drawbar to help the operator in transportation through creeks, and rough paddocks.
  • Full length unobstructed internal walkways ensuring safety and convenience for the operator and ease of clean out.
  • 22” auger for a more efficient unload capacity.
  • Sight Windows to ensure the operator can analyse from further away.
  • Side Access Door for ease of access when it comes to clean-out

Field Bins for the future, manufactured today.

The GrainKing range of Field Bins is the result of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency and innovation. We deliver a top of the line paddock solution, while upholding a global reputation for quality and integrity. For over three decades Grain King Field Bins have been the first choice for Australian Farmers, the reliability and value behind each bin proves itself time and time again. Grain King Field Bins are hand crafted with a sturdy construction and a two part epoxy paint finish, ensuring that your machine has been built to last.




Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin


160,000 LITRES

200,000 LITRES

Overall Width4.49m4.49m
Overall Height4.28m4.28m
Length Inc. Drawbar14.8m17.9m
Length of Body12.4m15.5m
Auger - Discharge Rate2T - 15T p/min2T - 15T p/min
Discharge Height4.65m4.65m
Tyres700/50 x 26.5
Harvest Flotation
700/50 x 26.5
Harvest Flotation
Load in Height3.8m3.8m
Standard configuration is PTO sweep auger with PTO 14” discharge charge auger.
Upgrades to PTO/HYD and 18” auger are available.
Three sight windows, floor access door, and front/rear ladders are standard, additional windows are available
Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin


The Grain King Field Bins come standard with a 14 inch auger with the option to upgrade to an 18 inch auger. The Grain King auger features a signature over- centre locking mechanism design for a slow, soft, and controlled unfold of the discharge auger. As standard, the discharge auger is PTO driven with a PTO sweep auger. Grain King offers a PTO discharge and hydraulic sweep auger in both 14 and 18 inch options and an all hydraulic sweep and discharge auger option in the 14 inch size.

Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin


The Grain King Field Bin is the ultimate solution to deliver an efficient harvest. With a fast unloading auger and extra storage, this Grain King Field Bin is sure to make your harvest go smoothly and quickly!


Grain King Field Bins have a high resale value due to their reputation for exceptional quality and their ability to stand up to decades of wear and tear in the harshest environments.

Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin


The Grain King Field Bin is easy to transport between farms due to its compact and maneuverable design. The Grain King Field Bin are a great storage solution for satellite farming operations to act as a super shed during seeding time.

Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin
  • Roll Tarp
  • Dual access ladders
  • Floor access hatch
  • Standard L/H 14” PTO discharge/ 12” PTO floor auger
Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin
  • PTO/HYD with 18″ auger option available
  • HYD/HYD with 14″ auger option available
  • Draw bar jack
  • GrainKing Green paint colour
Field Bins for Sale - Field Bins - Nyrex Maximus Field Bin
  • X4 sight windows
  • Over centre folding mechanism
  • Vent pipe for unloading with tarp on
  • 25mm towing tongue