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It has been 16 years since Rodd King invested in his first piece of Grain King Machinery. Rodd King decided that a 25T Chaser Bin could benefit his farm in numerous ways, but the most significant would be the ability to maintain their speed throughout harvest and seeding, setting themselves up to ensure they are always staying ahead of the game. Rodd did not hesitate when it came to investing in his 25T Chaser Bin, as he knew it meant a more efficient harvest with a high quality machine. All 25T Chaser Bins have standard features that include a low centre of gravity, and full braked heavy duty axles, a high rate 18” unloading auger.

In 2008 Rodd decided to continue his support of Grain King, this time investing in a Tandem Axle Chaser Bin. The Tandem Axle Chaser Bin has been engineered for a smooth ride and maximum safety including fully braked self-steering axles equipped with full leaf spring suspension. Rodd said his previous experience with Grain King gave him the confidence to invest in another bin, reassured by the fact that the machine is made locally, and built to last.
This year, Rodd has again decided to upgrade his fleet of machines, adding a 30T Chaser Bin to his operation. When asked why the second purchase Rodd stated he just didn’t quite comprehend the size and amount of grain that would be filling the bin.
The 30T Chaser Bin is just as reliable in the paddock, and allows for a larger amount of grain to be stored and transported. This machine paired with the 25T Tandem Axle will increase the productivity of harvest, allowing it to be a quick, and easy process. Leaving more time to enjoy the holidays with his family.
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