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After a dry start to the year, with a satisfying turn in the weather in the last couple of weeks we are starting to prepare ourselves for two of the biggest days in Wheatbelt; Dowerin Field Days.

Each year we try to come up with something different to have on our site, each year we keep everything the same. This year, our site will remain in the same spot, facing the same way, with the team greeting you outside the same container.

However, this year there is something much more exciting on our site. Something you definitely won’t want to miss.

NYREX- the new king, the evolution from Grain King’s previously engineered Chaser Bins.

The Nyrex Chaser Bin range will feature technology not yet seen on Grain Handling Machinery in Australia, starting with the frame of the Chaser Bin.

To make our product lighter, we knew we needed stronger steel. Strenx high strength structural steel is our solution to that. Nyrex will be made with Strenx, a high tensile light weight steel out of Sweden.

Strenx once attained in Western Australia will be processed and cut using a CNC method, ensuring that every panel has been accurately laser cut and processed. With the Nyrex range of Chaser Bins being made completely out of Strenx, the bin will be approx. 700 kg’s lighter than that of the former Grain King product range.

The weight reduction of this chaser bin will be of a huge advantage to farmers worldwide as it means much less ground disturbance, as well as much less fuel.

Holding our Strenx panels together are military grade fasteners; Huck BOM (blind oversized mechanical.) The Huck Bom’s have been specifically chosen for this product due to their strength, the clamping and ceasing movement, and vibration resistant features.

The combination of both Strenx panels, and HuckBOM’s make Nyrex a modular bin that can be easily repaired, as well as easily attainable around the world.

Although there are many other features, Trufab Global stays resilient to maintain their market reputation for safety, and the Nyrex product range will be no different, with each chaser bin coming standard with built in brakes.

The Nyrex chaser bin will come with the option of flotation tyres and tracks, with the tracks also having a braked feature. Internal full sweep auger covers and walkways for safety will also contribute to making Nyrex Chaser Bins the safest on the market.

As per farmer feedback, the auger will be standardised at 22 inches, and will feature a reach adjustable poly chute, to ensure a more efficient outfeed.

Importantly, Trufab Global has changed the measurements, so the Nyrex Chaser Bin range will be measured in liters, rather than tonnes. This adjustment will complement other on-farm machinery such as headers and air carts.

This year at Dowerin Field Days we may not change how our site looks or where it sits, but we are changing how we can help you better.

With innovation and technology, we are proud to be presenting Nyrex at site 133/134 so be sure to stop by.