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There are a number of industry groups floating around the Wheatbelt for farmers and businesses. We thought it would be handy to put together a list of all the Wheatbelt industry groups we know of. We would love your input if there are any we missed!
1. AgConnectWA- Previously WA YoungFarmers aims to connect young people in the agriculture industry across the region including Merredin, Esperance, Katanning, and Kalgoorlie. The aim is to connect and represent young farmers in an effort harness the opportunities available and as a group address challenges. AgConnectWA also offers networking events in the regions!
2. Wheatbelt Business Network- The WBN’s mission is to connect businesses and grow the Wheatbelt. They host Business After Hours networking events across the region, and assist businesses with one on one support and employer relations. Other initiatives include economic development projects to encourage growth in the Wheatbelt.
3. Women In Farming Enterprises- WIFE aims to connect women in agriculture from across the Wheatbelt and improve farming businesses through the sharing of ideas. They have over 8 branches that host meetings with the culmination of an annual summit meeting.
4. Western Australia No Tillage Farmers Association- WANTFA’s mission is “driving adoption of sustainable and profitable broad acre cropping systems by sharing farmer experiences and innovations from our research and field trials.” They host learning days in different regions of Western Australia and are an excellent initiative to get involved in.
5. Agricultural Women Wheatbelt East Group- AWWEG holds several events throughout the year including networking sundowners, targeted professional development workshops, field walks and full day forums celebrating rural women.
6. West Midlands Group- The West Midlands Group aims to provide a local focus on crop and pasture research, horticulture and the role of women in agriculture. They also host several events throughout the year, and release an annual report.
7. The Facey Group- The Facey Group is a farmer run group in the shire of Wickepin that aims to improve on-farm practice to keep farms healthy and profitable into the future. The group conducts trials, demonstrations and extension works in the local region in addition to tailoring training that enables farmers to adopt practices which they see as beneficial.
8. Mingenew-Irwin Group- With over 200 farming members, and extensive field trial testing, this is one of the most active groups spanning the Mingenew to Irwin region. Their projects are driven by farmer needs and ideas generating significant R&D for the area.
9. Partners in Grain- PiG is a national group with a Western Australia branch, they host learning days to improve farm efficiencies and add value to enterprises.