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Check out our FAQs. Get the facts about our Chaser Bins and agricultural machinery, including the innovative Nyrex & Grainking product ranges.

As all our bins come standard with brakes, you are able to use a smaller tractor than normal. However, we still recommend that for an 18T chaser bin you would need 180HP or greater tractor to operate it.

25T chaser bin requires 230 hp minimum.
30T chaser bin requires 280 hp minimum.

We have dual sweep augers feeding separately to the single discharge auger, so you will see some contamination. You should be prepared for approximately 2 x 20L buckets of contamination if you do not empty the discharge auger between fills. However, as field research has shown, GrainKing customers consider this minimal contamination that is far outweighed by the cost benefits of owning a single piece of machinery that is so effective at seeding and at harvest.

We have two different auger sizes, a 14 inch and an 18 inch. The 18T bin comes standard with the 14 inch and the 25T and 30T come standard with an 18 inch. However we can do either size on each model bin.

The seed and super bin is only available with the 14” augers.

Our GrainKing bins feature 14.5”, 18” and the new 24” auger. Below are the discharge rates:

14” Pto/Hyd = 7T/min
14” Hyd/Hyd = 6T/min
18” Pto/Hyd = 10.5T/min
18” Hyd/Hyd = 8.5T/min
24”Pto/Hyd = 20T/min
24” Hyd/Hyd = Not Available

All GrainKing Chaser bins, Dual Purpose Bins, and Seed and Super Bins are standard with PTO discharge and Hydraulic sweep auger(s) (PTO/HYD). Our Field Bins are built standard PTO discharge/sweep auger (PTO/PTO).

We can configure any bin to a HYD/HYD configuration, but you should be prepared for the amount of oil required to run this set up.

Our GrainKing bins feature 14.5”, 18” and the new 24” auger. Below are the required oil flow figures:

14” Pto/Hyd = 80L/min
14” Hyd/Hyd = 125L/min
18” Pto/Hyd = 80L/min
18” Hyd/Hyd = 255L/min
24”Pto/Hyd = 100L/min
24” Hyd/Hyd = Not Available

Weigh scales are available from new and as a retro-fit able kit on certain bins.

All our bins come standard with earthmoving tyres. The tyres for each model is:

18T – 23.5×25 earthmoving tyres
25T – 26.5 x 25 earthmoving tyres
30T – 29.5 x 25 earthmoving tyres

All tandems come standard with 26.5×25 earthmoving tyres.
We offer a wide range of floatation tyres varying from 750mm wide to 1050mm wide.

Chaser Bins without a 500mm auger ext and 3m wheel centres do not require an escort vehicle (they are under the width of 3.5m). The Bins however will need the appropriate signage when towed on roads (flashing beacon, oversize signs and red and yellow flags on your widest points). Seed and Super units, Chaff Carts and Field Bins all need x1 escort out the front of the towing vehicle and appropriate signage on the units also.

Tandem axles are the most unique feature on GrainKing bins. They feature heavy duty leaf spring suspension, hydraulic operated brakes on all wheels, rear steering axle (hydraulically lockable for reversing and fast paddock/road speeds), heavy duty axles and rear steer shock absorbers. The purpose in having this set-up is to ensure the tractor has minimal strain when towing the unit, lower the weight on the drawbar but keeping a low centre of gravity, minimising scuffing when turning and reducing soil compaction. Our competitors use a bogey axle set-up with no steering creating a large soil disturbance when turning in the paddock and also offer a walking beam tandem axle which can increase compaction with the rigid movement in the walking beams over small contours and large paddock runs. The GrainKing tandem axle is the Rolls-Royce of tandem axle machinery.

Having our axles made in Europe means that the quality and safety of the axle is at its best. Tractors in the modern era can travel up to 80kmph while the average level out at 35-40kmph. At high speeds whilst towing an implement or Chaser Bin, you need to ensure you can stop safely a quickly for an un-expected situation. Chaser Bins up to 50T when full will take some stopping at speeds above 10km, having hydraulic brakes will help the tractor slow down before an accident occurs resulting in a serious injury or possible death. Many accidents happen every year when chaser bin operators can’t stop in time safely. The hydraulic brakes are standard on GrainKing Chaser Bins so this will not be an issue for you.

Of course, your chaser bin can be moved loaded!

However, with field bins, do not attempt to move the bin with more than 5T inside any field bin whilst transporting down a road, we have seen many tractors and trees destroyed because of the weight behind the tractor causing the bin to jack-knife and damage the tractor and sheer draw bar pins resulting in the field bin to roll away. The field bins should be towed with a tractor of 250hp and above.

Chaser Bins come standard with:
Roll Tarp
Access Ladder
Hydraulic Floor Auger
PTO Discharge auger
Earthmoving tyres
L/H 18” Discharge auger, 14.5” floor auger (<25T models)
L/H 14” Discharge auger, 12” floor auger 18T model
2pac Paint
Trufab Green Paint Colour
X2 Sight windows
Full length clean out doors
Over centre locking folding mechanism
20spline PTO Shaft
1000rpm Chain Box
Vent Pipe for Unloading with tarp on
50mm towing tongue
Heavy Duty single axle
Hydraulic Brakes
Draw bar jack

Seed & Super Bins come standard with:
Roll Tarp
Internal access ladders
External access ladders
Hydraulic Floor Augers
PTO Discharge auger
Earthmoving tyres
L/H Dual 14” Discharge augers, 12” floor auger
2pac Paint
Trufab Green Paint Colour
X4 Sight windows
Full length clean out doors
Over centre locking folding mechanism
20spline PTO Shaft
1000rpm Chain Box
Vent Pipes for Unloading with tarp on
50mm towing tongue
Heavy Duty single axle
Hydraulic Brakes
Work light
Seeding Chute (flexi trunk)
Harvest Chute (Rubber chute)
Remote for floor auger operation
Rain caps
Dual tank to single tank door (for harvest)
Stainless steel discharge auger barrels
Stainless steel bottom V floor sheets
Adjustable floor auger covers
Draw bar jack

Mother & Field Bins come standard with:
Roll Tarp
Dual access ladders
Floor access hatch
L/H 14” pto discharge
12” pto floor auger
Draw Bar jack
Trufab Green paint colour
X4 sight windows
Over centre folding mechanism
Vent pipe for unloading with tarp on
25mm towing tongue
Chaff Carts:
30 cubic meter bin
Hydro motor to drive both belts
Adjustable belt covers to control straw intake
Stubble mats
Touch screen control system
Camera into bin
Speed sensor for belts
Full bin sensor with pressure switches
Long drawbar to avoid header auger collision
Robust roller drive system
Tilting floor mechanism
Heavy duty elevator
Custom built hitch

Chaser bins are designed for optimal harvest efficiency and are part of grain handling solutions that address the specific needs of grain farmers. They are engineered to overcome common challenges in the industry, such as efficiency, storage capacity, and enduring quality.

The main difference is their specific functions and design. Typically, trailers are more general-purpose for transporting various materials, whereas chaser bins are specialised for grain handling and designed for efficiency in harvest operations.

GrainKing offers chaser bins in sizes including Nyrex Titan II

26000L Single Axle, 33000L Single Axle, 40000L Single Axle, 40000L Tandem Axle, 46000L Tandem Axle, 53000L Tandem & Track, 60000L Tri & Track, 67000L Tri & Track, 75000L Tri & Track chaser bins.

The world’s largest mother bin is the Nyrex Maximus bin, known as the “mother bin.” It has a massive capacity of 300 tonnes. This mother bin is distinguished as the “largest in the world“. It provides a solution for farmers who require larger storage capacities during harvest, eliminating the need for multiple smaller field bins.,smaller%20field%20bins%20during%20harvest.

A mother bin in farming is a large, towable on-field grain storage unit used during harvest. It is designed to be filled alongside a chaser bin and can be towed by a single tractor. Mother bins like the Nyrex Maximus bin can have capacities of up to 300 tonnes, making them ideal for streamlined and efficient harvesting operations.

A mother bin can hold varying amounts of grain depending on its size and model. For instance, the Nyrex Maximus has a capacity of up to 300 tonnes. This large capacity makes mother bins particularly useful for on-field storage during intensive harvesting operations.