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The Grain King range of Seed and Super Bins are the ultimate seeding solution for a fast fill time and zero contamination. These bins are the result of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency and innovation. We deliver top of the line paddock solution, while upholding a global reputation for quality and integrity. There is sure to be a product which suits your needs with 30 to 35 ton Seed and Super Bin sizes and a 45ton Triple Bin, plus several axle, track, and tyre options available. The Grain King team aims to deliver the ultimate safe, versatile, and durable machine to our customers.

The Seed and Super Bin is designed with two equal sized bins and dual augers with unloading capacity up to 7 ton per minute. The seeding unit is designed for minimal contamination and maximum efficiency. Grain King Seed and Super Bins come standard with features that make operating efficient, safe, and convenient. All bins are equipped as standard with a hand held wireless remote for the hydraulic sweep augers and heavy duty braked axles, because reliability and safety are a top priority. Our bins are built to withstand the harshest environments with heavy duty materials and ingenious design. The bins can be used at seed and harvest time, as well as through out the year for mixing grain into sheep feeders.

Seed and Super Bins for the future, manufactured today.

  • Innovative design for multiseason use
  • Dual compartments and augers for zero contamination
  • Increased efficiency with faster fills at seeding
  • Decades of experience for a superior build
  • Roll Tarp
  • Internal access ladders
  • External access ladders
  • Hydraulic floor augers
  • PTO discharge auger
  • Earthmoving tyres
  • L/H Dual 14” Discharge augers, 12” floor augers for zero contamination
  • 2pac paint
  • Trufab green paint colour
  • X4 Sight windows
  • Full length clean out doors
  • Over centre locking folding mechanism
  • 20spline PTO shaft
  • 1000rpm chain box
  • Vent Pipes for unloading with tarp on
  • 50mm towing tongue
  • Heavy duty single axle
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Work light
  • Seeding chute (flexi trunk)
  • Harvest chute (Rubber chute)
  • Remote for floor auger operation
  • Rain caps
  • Dual tank- for zero contamination
  • Stainless steel discharge auger barrels
  • Stainless steel bottom V floor sheets
  • Adjustable floor auger covers
  • Draw bar jack
  • AJT 044.jpg

    Dual auger systems

  • 3 Bottom.jpg

    Split grain tanks

  • Rain caps

    Rain caps

  • IMG_0046.jpg

    Removable back and front plates

  • DxvFpHY37t3ToYv616FrFPJghJK3iiVumGb4_jnUU5s-1.jpg

    30t or 35t sizes available

  • Seed-Super-Bin-45T-Triple (2).jpg

    45t Triple Bin for seed, super, urea

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The Grain King Seed and Super Bin is designed for zero contamination with twin bins and auger systems. The bin is split into equal compartments for feriliser and seed. There are adjustable auger covers so you can feel confident when filling your air seeder.


Grain King Seed and Super Bins have a high resale value due to their reputation for exceptional quality and their ability to stand up to decades of wear and tear in the harshest environments. The Grain King range is renowned for it’s quality reputation and the Seed and Super Bin is unlike any other bin on the market!


The Grain King Seed and Super Bin's auger system is in a class of its own. The twin 14inch augers come standard with a hydraulic sweep and PTO discharge operated by a hand held remote. The all hydraulic option is a fantastic upgrade that allows full control by remote. The unloading rate is upwards of 7 tonne per minute, guaranteed to increase your efficiency.


Tandem axles are an option available on Grain King Bins, they are one of the most durable available on the market. They feature heavy duty leaf spring suspension, hydraulic operated brakes on all wheels, rear steering axle (hydraulically lockable for reversing and fast paddock/road speeds), heavy duty axles, and rear steer shock absorbers. This design ensures minimal weight on the tractor drawbar, a low centre of gravity, reduced tractor strain when towing, minimal scuffing when turning, and overall reduced soil compaction.



Our axles are braked and European made which reflects the top quality and emphasis on safety. The brakes can be plumbed into a hydraulic remote or into the tractors brake kit. This is not an optional feature on our chaser bins, as we believe safety is a standard, not an option! Grain King Seed and Super Bins low centre of gravity means safer and easier manoeuvrability for on road transport and in hilly country. The low centre of gravity combined with our standard brakes makes the Grain King range the safest on the market.

  • 15896056_975627082543307_1841292972812661473_o.jpg

    Capable of unloading upwards of 7t/min

  • 15823451_974348499337832_7420787687165919513_n.jpg

    Multiseason use

  • IMG_9273.jpg

    Decrease your fill time at seeding

  • IMG_0819 (2) Lawson Grains 2013.jpg

    Use as a chaser bin during harvest

  • IMG_9811.jpg

    30t on tandem or single axle available

  • Chad Eva.jpg

    Unique auger system

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Model  30t 35t
 Auger Size Dual 14"or 355mm  Dual 14"or 355mm
 Discharge Rate Up to 7 Per Minute Up to 7 Ton Per Minute
 Axle Single with Hydraulic Brakes (Tandem Axle Optional) Self Steering Tandem on Leaf Spring Suspension with Hydraulic Brakes
 Tyre Size 29.5x25 (Earthmoving) 26.5x 25 (Earthmoving)
 Colour- Bin  Green (Other colours optional)   Green (Other colours optional)
 Colour- Tarp  Yellow Yellow
 Drive on Discharge Auger PTO (Hydaulic optional)  PTO (Hydaulic optional)
 Dire on Sweep Auger  Hydraulic Hydraulic
 PTO Shaft Size 1000rpm- 13/4 diameter- 20 Spline (Std.) 1000rpm- 13/4 diameter- 20 Spline (Std.)
Cubic Capacity (waterline) 16.9m3 per side 19.8m3 per side
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