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The Grain King range of Chaser Bins is the result of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency and innovation. There is sure to be a product which suits your needs with 18 to 50 ton bin sizes, plus several axle, track, and tyre options available. We are passionate about delivering the safest and most reliable Chaser Bin on the market.

Grain King Chaser Bins come standard with features that make harvest efficient, safe, convenient, and operator friendly. All bins are standardly equipped with heavy duty braked axles, because reliability and safety are a top priority. Our bins are built to withstand the harshest environments with heavy duty materials and ingenious design.

Chaser bins made for the future, manufactured today.

  • Unique braked axle for superior operator safety
  • True tonnage per hectolitre of wheat
  • Low centre of gravity for unparalleled stability
  • Decades of experience for a superior build
  • DSC00714-2.jpg
  • Ken Skinner 1.jpg
  • Debbie Wilson at Chilimony Farms in Northampton.jpg
  • Roll tarp
  • Access ladder
  • Hydraulic floor auger
  • PTO discharge auger
  • Earthmoving tyres
  • 14” or 18” discharge auger
  • 2pac paint
  • Trufab green paint colour
  • X2 Sight windows
  • Full length clean out doors
  • Over centre locking mechanism on auger
  • 20spline PTO shaft
  • 1000rpm Chain Box
  • Vent Pipe for unloading with tarp on
  • 50mm towing tongue
  • Heavy duty single axle
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Draw bar jack
  • Nathan Heron (1).jpg

    Trufab green paint colour

  • DSC00146.jpg

    Floatation tyre options available

  • braden_bagley.png

    18t, 25t, 30t single axle available

  • DSC00732-2.jpg

    Unique over centre locking mechanism on auger fold

  • Trevor Syme.jpg

    Standard heavy duty axle with brakes

  • Kane Corsini.jpg

    True tonnage based on wheat hectolitre wheat

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Our axles are braked and European made which reflects the top quality and emphasis on safety. The brakes can be plumbed into a hydraulic remote or into the tractors brake kit. This is not an optional feature on our chaser bins, as we believe safety is a standard, not an option!


The Grain King Chaser Bin is among the lightest bins on the market. Our smart construction is designed to withstand decades of wear and tear with the lightest materials possible. A light bin means less ground pressure on your paddocks, even when the bin is filled to its maximum.


Tandem axles are an option available on Grain King Bins, they are one of the most durable available on the market. They feature heavy duty leaf spring suspension, hydraulic operated brakes on all wheels, rear steering axle (hydraulically lockable for reversing and fast paddock/road speeds), heavy duty axles, and rear steer shock absorbers. This design ensures minimal weight on the tractor drawbar, a low centre of gravity, reduced tractor strain when towing, minimal scuffing when turning, and overall reduced soil compaction.


The Grain King 18t Chaser Bins come standard with a 14 inch auger, while the 25t and 30t bins are equipped with an 18 inch auger. The Grain King auger features a signature over- centre locking mechanism design for a slow, soft, and controlled unfold of the discharge auger. The discharge auger is PTO driven with a hydraulic sweep auger. Grain King offers an all hydraulic sweep and discharge auger option in both the 14 inch and 18 inch sizes, presuming the tractors oil flow is high enough.


Grain King Chaser Bin’s low centre of gravity means safer and easier maneuverability for on road transport and in hilly country. The low centre of gravity combined with our standard brakes makes the Grain King Bin the safest on the market.


Grain King Chaser Bins have a high resale value due to their reputation for exceptional quality and their ability to stand up to decades of wear and tear in the harshest environments. The original Grain King customers from the early 80’s now find themselves trading out of their bins at values that exceeded their original purchase price.

  • IMG_1749.jpg

    Tandem axle with leaf spring suspension

  • IMG_1729.jpg

    Hydraulic brakes

  • _DSC4519-1.jpg

    Light weight construction

  • IMG_0068.jpg

    Quality reputation

  • Tremlette.jpg

    Ultimate paddock solution

  • carouselimg.jpg

    Increase your efficiency

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Standard Features 18t 25t 30t 40t 45t
Auger Size 14.5"/ 368mm (Optional
18" 457mm) 
 18" 457mm 18" 457mm   18" 457mm 18" 457mm
20 – 25T = 1800mm* Standard width  Single 2.75m with
Hydraulic Brakes
 Single 2.75m with
Hydraulic Brakes*
 Single 2.75m with
Hydraulic Brakes*
 TRI - Complete Self Steer
Hydraulic Brakes (Std.)
 TRI - Complete Self Steer
Hydraulic Brakes (Std.)
Tyre Size  23.5 x 25 (Earthmoving)**  26.5 x 25 (Earthmoving)**  29.5 x 25 (Earthmoving)**  650/55 x 26.5 Flotation
 650/55 x 26.5 Flotation
Colour - Bin  Green (Other Colours
 Green (Other Colours
 Green (Other Colours
 Green (Other Colours
 Green (Other Colours
 Drive on Discharge
 PTO (Hydraulic Optional)   PTO (Hydraulic Optional)   PTO (Hydraulic Optional)   PTO (Hydraulic Optional)   PTO (Hydraulic Optional) 
 Drive on Sweep
 Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic
 PTO Shaft Size  540rpm-13/8Diam-6
Spline (Std.)
Spline (Std.)
Spline (Std.)
Spline (Std.)
 Discharge Rate  Up To 7 Ton Per Minute  Up To 7 Ton Per Minute  Up To 7 Ton Per Minute  Up To 7 Ton Per Minute  Up To 7 Ton Per Minute
      Please note: 18t, 25t, 30t bins do not require escort unless addition of 500mm extension, 3m wheel spacings, or tandem
* Suspended self stetering tandem optional ** Floatation tyres optional *** Other sizes optional 
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Chaser Bin Product Guide

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